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Like many women, I suspect, I don't think of myself as a leader. I don't hold a "leadership" title, like manager or chair or CEO, and I'm fine with that. I'm very content hunkering down behind the scenes, getting my work done and doing it well, getting others what they need on time and encouraging, empowering and cheering them on to do their own good work as well. I think of a leader as the person in the spotlight, the one taking charge and enjoying the attention granted to a person holding a particular title. Me a leader? Not so much.

When I first contacted Maureen Freedland about appearing on the cover of our leadership issue, I got a similar response. "Me?" she asked. "I don't really think of myself as a leader. Have you considered ." and she ticked off a list of highly qualified and well-known women leaders in town.

I assured her it was she who we wanted, and I ticked off my own list of reasons why. It looked a lot like the list of qualities I wrote above: Someone who, quietly or not-so-quietly, works behind the scenes for the betterment of a community. Someone who does her work well, with others benefiting from it. Someone who stands up for others with less of a voice, who encourages and empowers and cheers others on so they, too, can do the good work they were meant to do. Maureen Freedland's life is a long litany of examples of just this type of work. In my mind, I told her, that made her a leader.

"My hope," I added, "is that other women read your story and realize that they are leaders, too." And then I had to laugh, because it had just dawned on me, right there on the phone with Maureen, that my own description of a leader defined me as one as well.

If so, I'll take that title. And so have all the women featured in this issue of Coulee Region Women, who are making change and cheering others on all over the region, for the betterment of our business communities, educational institutions, shops and restaurants, and for the betterment of all, no matter who they are or how much of a voice they have. You'll meet business leaders like Lisa Herr and millennial professionals, all of whom strive to establish and maintain a strong workforce in the Coulee Region. You'll meet leaders of the heart and soul, like the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, who tackle some of the deepest social issues of our area. And "everywomen" like Glena Temple, Viterbo's new president, combine skills and personality to be true servant leaders.

You'll meet the educators who train our local chefs, learn you're not alone navigating difficult journeys such as divorce, enjoy "leading" fashion and much more in this issue. And as you do, take a moment to reflect on the important ways you are a leader-a mentor, a role model-to others, perhaps as a mother, a grandmother, a coworker or a friend.

Betty Christiansen



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What is inside this month's issue:

A Lifelong Leader
From neighborhood advocacy to legal service to county leadership, Maureen Freedland stands up for her community.

Building a Business Community
Lisa Herr leads the 7 Rivers Alliance in building a local workforce.

Personal & Professional
Young professional groups lead the way in creating a vibrant business community.

Quintessential Glena: A President's Journey
Viterbo University President Dr. Glena Temple reflects on the people and experiences that inspired her.

Leading from the Heart
The Sisters of the FSPA embody servant leadership in La Crosse.

Women in the Region
Patricia Heim gives women guidance on a lonely path.

Local leaders reflect on the women who gave them guidance and inspiration.

Creating the Home Within You
Authors and architects inform what you know instinctively-how to create a home you love.

Top Chefs
Western Technical College's culinary instructors connect college and community.

Healthy Living
Healthy Living for a Lifetime
Jen Rombalski leads La Crosse County residents to lifelong healthy living habits.

Leading Future Leaders
Adult leaders of youth clubs help shape the citizens of tomorrow.

Designing Women
Talents and Teamwork
Shared duties and a strong staff help Kara Tomashek develop a trio of businesses.

Retail Therapy
Leading Trends
Revitalize your wardrobe and step into this spring's leading looks.


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